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We understand and control the key levers. We don't just try to beat up the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). We don't cost shift to members. We don't use mandatory generic or mandatory mail order programs. Doing any of those things gets you poor service and unhappy members and does nothing meaningful to keep costs down (and in fact may actually increase cost). We practice smart Plan Design, smart Formulary Management and smart Pharmacy Benefit Administration. We educate leadership groups to make key design and override decisions and to understand all drug manufacturer contracts with the PBM.  We educate the members to better understand their options and alternatives. PharmHealthTM serves as your agent in managing the PBA requiring not just transparency but relinquished control so the PBA does the right things at the right time in the right way to meet your needs not their own.

The first time we meet, we’ll ask you to do two things:

  1. Provide us with the details of your current plan design.
  2. Provide us with four months of complete claim data for all scripts filled.

In return, for no cost, you’ll get a complete analysis showing how your plan is actually performing:

  • A cost savings analysis showing what you would begin immediately saving using your current plan design and our pricing agreements.
  • A potential cost savings analysis showing the opportunity that exists in the plan through our value add consulting and design improvements.