Our Difference

What makes PharmHealth so appealing is that we collaborate to design pharmacy plans to create the most cost-effective treatments. We know it's not just about getting to the lowest cost or highest satisfaction. It's about doing both.

We bring together the knowledge of physician and member health issues, innovative and successful consulting resources, and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) resources that are effective, efficient and responsive.

Through collective resources PharmHealth establishes a true client-based pharmacy plan management group that is well informed, educated, and empowered to truly understand the issues and levers, approve design issues, have full and final control on formularies, member initiatives, network and communications - every facet of the plan. PharmHealth establishes clear, consistent, honest and accurate metrics for measuring performance and provides timely and meaningful reports. Specific annual plans for improvement are established each year to ensure employers’ objectives are achieved.

In short, PharmHealth is smart, breakthrough and trustworthy.