Our Difference
A Message from PharmHealth’s Founder – Joe Creel Print E-mail

Hi –

I’m Joe Creel. Here’s a little about myself: My family came to America from Mexico more than 73 years ago. We were a proud family with very little. I worked at a young age, holding two jobs while attending high school and college. I grew up understanding it wasn't about what you had - it was about the opportunities before you.  I learned how to make the most out of few resources, and to appreciate the value of creativity, determination, and consideration of others in finding answers.

That is why as the founder of PharmHealthTM, I take the success of your company seriously. That is why I’m interested in learning about your organization.

We know creativity and determination goes further than big names and big fees! We’d like to show  you how.

Thank you for your time.

-  Joe Creel